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Cycling Biomechanical Specialists

Find out how bicycle riders from recreational levels all the way to top pros have increased horsepower, reduced recovery times and eliminated chronic pain.

We are a cycling biomechanical center with state of the art testing equipment to determine your personal needs and if needed a complete machine shop producing top quality components designed to meet your individual requirements.


  • positioning on the bike
  • leg length discrepancy
  • leg timing problems
  • builder of special components
  • eliminate chronic back, hip and knee problems
  • increase horsepower and endurance

This site and the links to the left, will give you all the details on our various products and services. Be sure to check out the Mobile Lab page for dates and times of the next clinic coming to your area.

Testimonial and Results from our Systems

Alexi Grewal, Professional Racer

1984 Olympic Gold Medalist

"Tom Slocum of High Sierra Cycle Center has accomplish what only was only dreamed of not long ago. The complete adaptation of the bicycle to the rider. His Synchronizer and Equalizer systems along with his adjustable spider give the rider for the first time the ability to literally customize the powertrain of their bicycle. With his system I can ride injury free for the first time in my career. Oh if only Tom would have been around with these system 20 years ago, I know for a fact that my results would have been far better."

Patrick Heaney

Winner of 1998 Nation Road Champion

"My cycling was going nowhere for the last couple of years. I was training hard but my horsepower and recovery times were down. High Sierra Cycle Center tested me and found that I had unequal leg lengths and one leg was pushing over the top of the pedal stroke sooner than the other. After correcting the problem, I was retested 3 months later and have gained over 60 watts more power, 15 more rpm's and have reduced my recovery times."

John Howard

Professional Cyclist, Holder of Multiple Cycling Records!

"In our Cycling School of Champions, we conduct extensive power testing using Spin Scan and to date, have found fewer than two percent of all tested athletes pedaling with perfect efficiency. The fact remains that few of us are aware that anything is wrong... Tom Slocum's Equalizers and Synchronizer do for Biomechanical what tri-bars did for aerodynamics."

Chad Gerlach

Pro Road Racer

"At the age of 20, I was thinking of quitting cycling. My lower back and hips were killing me and it was too painful to ride. I began working with Tom Slocum at High Sierra Cycle Center and within a month I was stronger and riding pain free. I've been on the program for almost four years now and I'm still getting stronger."

High Sierra Cycle Center, Inc..

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