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Synchronizer Crankset

Why Would Anyone Want Their Crankset to be Set Up Like This One?

Riders Who Want to Improve on Their Rhythm for Time Trialing or Hill Climbing

Riders with a Dominant Leg or One Leg That Working Harder Than the Other

Riders Who Want to Improve on Their Sprinting

Cycling for the most part is about turning the pedals over using the power of both legs. However, many of us riders out there find it very hard or just about impossible to actually use the power of both legs. What I mean is that we all turn the crankarms around & around, but not evenly. We may work one leg harder than the other or one leg maybe dominant over the other. You also may find that one knee, back, hip, foot or a combination of these areas starts hurting only after twenty or forty miles into the ride or maybe after the ride. Or you might have a hard time getting into or holding a rhythm while pedaling. Having a good rhythm while pedaling is an absolute must if you want to climb mountains or ride the flats well. Is this crankset for everybody? - NO! But for those who need it and that’s about 50% of the riders out there, it’s a must if you want to ride your best. Riders who have tried the crankset have grained as much as 50 to 300 watts more power, with a greatly improved rhythm in pedaling up the mountains and on the flats. For the track racer out there, I’ve had many sprinters improve their flying 200 meters times by 3 to 8 tenths of a second, and that’s huge.

How Does This Crankset Work?

By changing the degree angle in the crankarm, you change the timing of the right & left legs and how they engage to work together. For someone whose legs are just a little off in their timing, we may start with an advancement of only 2 or 4 degrees. But most riders find their best performance with advancement between 4 and 12 degrees, and only a few need more. The crankarm in the image on the left is set at 25 degrees so you can easily see the angle change. But for those working with the Synchronizer Crankset, you would have a hard time seeing an offset angle of only 4 to 8 degrees when on the bike.

We Offer the Synchronizer Crankset in 3 Models

Square Taper with fixed angle at any degree, not adjustable.......................................$450.00

Integrated Aluminum, BB30 spindle, adjustable with degree spacer insert..................$700.00

Integrated Carbon, BB30 spindle, adjustable with degree spacer insert......................$850.00

I know you'll have questions about how this crankset can improve your cycling, so feel free to

call me. Ask for Tom at 800-438-4399 or email me at hscc@qnet.com